Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is all encompassing, with techniques focused on the needs of the individual client. Techniques may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatzu, or Massage Cupping, among others.

This is a series of techniques that uses negative pressure or suction to release scar tissue and trigger points. It works by lifting and separating the tissue, improving circulation. With improved circulation comes healing! It also activates the lymphatic system, thus it is very effective for removing inflammation and relieving pain. This technique was made popular recently by elite athletes, helping them to recover more quickly from training. My clients have sworn by its healing effect for years!

Massage Cupping/Myofacial Decompression & Release

A gentle, full body Massage Cupping treatment that stimulates lymphatic movement and promotes detoxification. This service includes custom blended aromatherapy oils applied to the body, to be fully absorbed while you are snuggled up in warm blankets. Your goal determines the blend:

Massage Cupping Cocoon

  • Pure Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Personal, customized treatments for your specific needs

While the cocoon may be very effective as a single treatment, a full series is recommended in some cases.

Body Contouring

Transform the shape of your body without surgery with cupping and a series of proprietary blends of essential oils to minimize the appearance of cellulite and stimulate the lymphatic system to help remove excess fluid and toxins.

Smoking Cessation Detoxification Series

This series uses several proprietary blends to encourage your body to eliminate the toxins built up in your tissues from years of smoking.


Aromatherapy : Enhance your massage with aromatic essential oils that relax and soothe while promoting health and well-being.Choose your aroma blend when you arrive for your appointment.

Castor Oil Pack : Your grandmother’s answer to every ailment, except we apply it to your tummy with a moist heat pack. The oil helps to nourish your body & stimulate your immune system. This treatment is also great for sore or stiff joints.